Walks with possibility to stop in a place for eating and drinking

(with km instructions one way)
  • Orchid hike 2.5 km
  • From Wurmrausch to Lichtenegg (Steep ascent and descent)

Traumpfad. Mit vielen Bildern und Erklärungen.
  • Traumpfad 2 km (Dream path) with some painted pictures and explanations on the way. (stalactite Cave - guide in the cave) only in the summer months on weekends or public holidays.
  • From Eckeltshof to Kirchrthalmühle 3.5 km, nice hike through beautiful landscape
  • For Neutras rock make an round hike and enjoy a cafe in the Restaurant-Cafe  “Zum  Res `s”  many games for children there (Mo. – Wed. closed)


Hike with children

Walk to the chain of ponds suitable for very young guests! (200 meters from farm)


Hike to 7 sources (2.5 km) with children suitable (from 14 clock the beer garden is open. Thursday closed)


Walks from Rennerhof with stop for eat and drink

(km simple instructions)
  • Aichatzandt 5.5 km
  • Breitenbrunn 2.5 km (Thu closed) (every 2nd Wednesday “Schlachtschüssel” slaughterhouse from 11 clock)
  • Dietersberg 3.5 km
  • Fichtenhof 2 km (Mo- Wed- closed)
  • Kammensölden 2 km
  • Prohof 3 km (Thursday’s freshly baked bread)


Hiking trails

  • Seven-oak-hike directly start next to our Rennerhof about 10 km it is possible to divide the way into 2 small ways a’ 5 km
  • Poppenricht round hiking trail 6 km
  • Iber: Big Pond trail 8 km
  • From the Forest-cemetery to Frohnberg 3.5 km easy with Restaurant over there


Starting point for various hikes

(Many options, all well signposted with length specification)
  • Recreation area “Wagensaß” 
  • Hirschbach
  • Illschwang
  • Maximiliansgrotte Auerbach (Stone City)
  • Happurg

We look forward to you

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