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is a typical event in our area. Each village with a church celebrate it each year.

Visit one of them and you can see how the “Kirwamoidln”- girls will be collected from their “Kirchwaboum” - boys  with musik and lot of beer. When they have found all girls in the village, they goes back to celebrating place where the "Kirwabaum" – tree waits to be set up. The tree about 20 until 30 meters length will be set up with muscular strength and woodn poles called “Schwalben”.  The whole course with typical Bavarian musical support and Bavarian clothe like “Dirndl” and “Lederhosn”. If it is done it will be celebrated 3 days with music, sausages and beer. On Sunday afternoon the tree will be danced out.

From May till October. Almost every place has its “Kirwa”.


Beer Gardens

Bavaria is known for the unique beergardens. Our area is no exception. A list of the most beautiful beergardens, is listed in our Informationfolder. We like to give a few tips separately. For a beautiful holiday it is indispensable..


Fancy a beer? (where the locals like to spend their time)

  • Brewery " Fuchsbeck", Sulzbach.
  • Restaurant and Brewery "Sperber-Bräu”, Sulzbach.
  • Gastronomic experience "Schloderer-Bräu" – Amberg.



Our region is known for its beautiful fountaindecoration during Easter-Time. Experience the beauty of this custom is practiced.


Fire on Rennerhof

Weekly during the summermonths we make a common barbecue with our guests or a camp-fire with baking bread on a stick.

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