Many busy small and large helpers, like busy little bees.

Every morning cleaned out, scattered straw and fed like crazy until all the animals are fed. Eggs will be collected.


Here it is to cater for the favorite rabbit, sprinkle grains for the chickens.

Incidentaly thick friendships are formed. Not infrequently, the children in the next year meet with us again on Rennerhof.

With late breakfast (the fresh rolls are already there) then the Rennerhof eggs and jelly eaten with much appetite.

The children were usually arranged after breakfast again with their new friends whom met in the barn. If the parents plan a trip, kids usually have little joy for it because the new friends are just as important.


In nice weather the rabbit be taken to their outlet.  In the evening kids help us again. The rabbits must be brought back to their stables.

We look forward to you

Familie Fritz and Simone Renner with children Alois and Anna  |  Siebeneichen 19  |  92237 Sulzbach-Rosenberg  |
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